Dip NNT Dip N.Adv MNNA
Nutritional Therapy 
In Whitstable and East Kent

Better nutrition
Improved health
Better quality of life
You are unique, your needs are unique, and your strategy for improving your health should reflect this

Are you lacking in energy?​
Gaining weight?
Concerned about your skin?
​Planning on getting pregnant?
Do you have uncomfortable digestive symptoms?
Heavy periods?
Menopause symptoms?
Prostate issues?

I use nutritional and lifestyle approaches to facilitate practical
and effective solutions that promote health and are tailor-made to suit your needs.

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

Naturopathic nutritional therapists combine the latest scientific research and knowledge about human biochemistry, physiology and anatomy to help promote favourable conditions to stimulate and enhance the natural healing power of the body.

Each person responds in a unique way to his or her environment, each has individual strengths, weaknesses and needs.

Muscle Response Testing

In my practice I also use Muscle Response Testing to identify stressors on the body such as food, chemical and airborne substance sensitivities or other structural and emotional issues that may be impacting health. I  incorporate this skill during some nutritional therapy consultations in order to help prioritise the recommended support when tailoring individual treatment plans.

I also offer expertise in areas such as:

  • Laboratory Antibody Testing for Food Sensitivities
  • Laboratory Health Screening tests
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Testing
  • Tongue and Nail analysis

My goal is to help you ​regain control of your health and achieve a better quality of life.

What my clients say

I have very much appreciated Ailsa's approach and manner: when talking about her to friends I've said she's Mother Earth, giving me much wanted advice and nutritional guidance during my pregnancy for both physical and emotional needs, continuing with care and attention via email. Highly recommended. 
Mrs S, Canterbury
I'm taking my supplements and feeling the benefit - I have had a lot of trouble with my dental implants feeling like they were going to fail but that now seems much better - thanks so much.
Myra, London.
My shoulder is still happy from the kinesiology, very thrilled. Thanking you very much for your help and very grateful, still working on the diet and feel calmer.
Linda, Canterbury.